The Clinical Archiving solution allows access to the patient’s records at the point of care, in one place with easy access, and regardless of source system. Implemented by our technology professionals, EMC’s Clinical Archiving solution eliminates legacy system footprint, allows IT to take back a large percentage of its operating budget, and provides clinicians with the information they need at their fingertips.

The Challenge

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) revolution has centralized point-forward patient information in the modern healthcare organization—new interactions, procedures, outcomes and billing are handled from a single system. However, EHR implementations leave in their wake, a number of obsolete legacy systems that traditionally managed patient care data. Thus, the IT department is left with soaring costs from supporting these systems. In addition, clinicians are faced with a challenge of using multiple systems to gain a complete picture of the patient’s history.

The Solution

EMC’s Clinical Archiving Solution enables Healthcare organizations to retire their legacy systems, keeping only their most valuable element: the data. Clinical Archiving works in conjunction with the EHR to provide clinicians with a single, 360-degree view of the patient from a compliant, universal repository. Through decommissioning of the obsolete source systems, IT is able to recapture large portions of its budget previously spent on supporting aging infrastructure, administrative tasks, and most importantly, vendor maintenance fees.

Clinical Archiving also ensures compliance with the strictest industry standards, providing a tamper evident chain of custody from source system into the archive. Once there, the data is rendered immutable and encrypted; access is not only controlled through security policy but full system auditing ensures the data is protected against tampering. As far as the data itself (documents, images, structured/unstructured data), it is archived in its native form, and stored as XML. This not only allows for the easy transfer or reporting on data, it frees the data for data mining and analytics.

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