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SMS Alerts

Features | The Problem | Preview

Do you work in a team that’s responsible for maintaining other systems and is bound by stringent response times on support requests? Have you missed an important escalation email because your inbox was full with other notifications about the different requests?

If yes, the Workfront SMS Alerts utility is made for you. It enables technical response teams to operate within established service level agreements and allows for others to be notified when critical or urgent situations happen, day and night, weekday and weekend so that you never miss a critical situation. It does use standard messaging rates as defined by recipients’ mobile carrier.

The utility sends you text messages alerting you of situations that are important to you. You can define which situations are critical for you to be notified for, who should be notified, frequency and message body of the text.

Integration Features

  • Set triggers on projects, tasks and issues
  • Create and maintain recipient’s list
  • Easy to use interface for configuration settings
  • Easy to use syntax for setting rules as it uses Workfront’s text mode
  • Control the text in the message
  • Send either as SMS or MMS message

The Problem

The Solution

Workfront allows for configuring notifications when an issue/request is assigned to the queue. But as a Manager/Lead you only want to be notified of urgent and high priority issues. There isn’t a way to say I need alerts for this specific scenario.Using Aurotech’s Workfront SMS Alerts utility, create a rule on Issue object and set the criteria which if met should trigger a SMS to you. This way you can stay on top of the issues that concern you and not get bogged down by a host of emails that will just make their way to the deleted folder.
The support is defined so that any critical issues reported over the weekend or during the night still need to be addressed within the SLAs defined. It’s not possible to have someone monitoring the queue over the weekend.Once the Workfront SMS Alerts utility is configured, no one needs to be at the system to monitor it. You can have a rule defined to send alerts to specific people on weekends reducing the stress to schedule and manage people over a weekend.
The options in Workfront to define who gets a notification are very limited and also there is no way to define criteria by ourselves if the out-of-the-box notifications don’t serve our purpose.This utility lets you define criteria using text mode syntax. So you can very easily define your own criteria’s that need attention and also define recipients by name so that you are not constrained by the options available within Workfront.

Integration Preview

The criteria for triggering the text message, the message text, the recipients, frequency, etc. are all defined in a middleware called Integration Hub. Integration Hub hosts configuration settings for all Aurotech Integration offerings. Below is the page for SMS Alerts utility and its divided into SMS Alerts and Alert Recipients tabs.

The SMS Alerts tab provides a list of existing alerts and to add, edit, delete and execute existing alerts. Executing existing alerts is a feature that allows for running the alert manually instead of waiting for the next run.

The Alerts Recipients tab allows you to manage the potential recipients displayed in the Recipients field on the Create/Edit Alert pages.

The Create SMS Alert screen allows you to define and control the object type on which the alert needs to be set, the criteria which should trigger the alert, who should receive it and what should the SMS say along with the polling frequency. You can also deactivate existing alerts using the Is Active field.

The Create Alert Recipient screen allows you to add new people to the recipient list on other screens. You do need to select the recipient’s mobile carrier and let them know that standard message and data rates will apply.