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Concur to Workfront

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Doing double entry in Concur and Workfront for your expenses so that you get better picture of how the budget looks like along with other details in Workfront?

Aurotech’s Workfront-Concur Integration takes expense details directly from Concur expense reports and inserts them into Workfront an associated project. Project Managers can now track this financial detail in Workfront alongside project progress without double-entry or relying on expense estimates. Once the data is available in Workfront, reports can be created to track budget progress within Workfront.

The setup is very straightforward and simple and you can see data flowing from Concur expense reports into Workfront projects within 60 minutes of purchase.

Integration Features

  • Simple interface for initial configuration in the Integration Hub to set general preferences
  • New expense entries and updates transfer seamlessly
  • Ability to set triggers that will prompt the integration to run
  • Ability to map Workfront expense types to establish Concur expense types
  • Ability to set the frequency for integration synchronization

The Problem

The Solution

Since Concur is the system of record for expense tracking and reimbursement, people tend to prioritize creating expense reports and inputting expenses in Concur before documenting it in other systems. In fact, there is little incentive to record it anywhere else because it doesn't impact their reimbursement. All the while, Workfront project managers need to collect expenses to measure spend and forecast total costs.

Using Aurotech’s Workfront-Concur Integration you can eliminate the dual entry of expense data.

Your users can use Concur to enter their expenses and get reimbursed, and the integration will insert the expense into the Workfront project automatically (if the Workfront Project ID field is populated on the Expense Report level).

It’s tedious to maintain expenses in two systems, and a lot of time and manual effort is expended in entering initial expenses and then keeping them in sync when changes are done to the records in Concur.

The Workfront-Concur integration is designed to fetch updates of existing records and new records entered in Concur.

No human intervention is needed once the link between Workfront and Concur has been established.

Integration Preview

Set connection properties to Concur on the secure Concur: Properties tab in the Integration Hub.

Define how Concur Expense Type maps to Workfront Expense types.

The Log tab shows the history of all the transactions and can be used for auditing and debugging purposes.