Integrating Tableau and R into an Enterprise IT system

Data is critical to making the best innovative business solutions. In the world of data analytics, there are various tools that perform different tasks.

R and Python are amongst the most popular languages for statistical analysis and data mining. Both tools have various matured libraries and packages for data mining, machine learning —algorithms that make the machine smart —, predictive modeling and mathematical simulation. Integrating these tools with Tableau, which is a leading BI tool, enables sophisticated data analytics and helps for fast data exploration, and to get quick and seamless insights.

In this post, we will focus particularly on integrating the benefits of R and Tableau using an example. Since October 2015, there has been increased number of tweets associated with the outbreak of E. coli, which sickened many people from different states. One of the advantages of integrating R and Tableau is social media mining using R and producing amazing, and easy to understand visualizations using Tableau. For the E. Coli outbreak case, we have mined tweets linked with E. Coli and analyzed and prepared the data in R and made the dashboard below using Tableau.

We can read the tweets by hovering the mouse over the circles in the dashboard. We also see the trend of the tweets from the time series plot. The word cloud on the left shows the most frequent words in the tweets. We see from the word cloud that E. coli was linked with Chipotle. Many students from Boston were sick because of the infection and that could be the reason that “students” is included in the word cloud.

We can do sentiment analysis of the posts in R and see our results in Tableau. In short, integrating Tableau and R has lots of advantages from social media analytics view point including tracking real-time outbreak of diseases, hurricanes, earthquake, and other activities.

In addition to social media analytics, integrating Tableau and R into an enterprise IT system helps to take advantage of the advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities of R together with Tableau’s compelling data visualizations to realize the value of data and drive business success.

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