Pankil Patel


Director, Programs

Pankil Patel is a knowledgeable & culture-changing Director of Programs with Aurotech. He has 15+ year of experience supporting the Federal Government, Local Government, Fortune 500 Companies, and Non-Profit Organizations. Patel’s drive, passion, and analytical mind make him ideally suited for the Information Technology profession. He is a quality-focused and dynamic staff leader who is knowledgeable in all facets of corporate operations from business development to service delivery, and a catalyst for driving new business with the company. Patel’s work quantifiably impacts internal productivity, efficiency and ensures corporate profitability.

As the Director of Programs, Patel oversees all Aurotech Programs, Resources and Delivery Activities throughout the firm. He is instrumental in guiding and executing the firm’s strategic vision and continued growth.

Patel is a graduate of Virginia Tech University and is an avid supporter of the school. His personal interests include music, watching any and all sporting events, and being a father to his two children. He also has a passion to provide educational opportunities for under-privileged children. He believes, “If you get….give; If you learn….teach”